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EU Accession Negotiations

European integration is the process of the political, legal and economic integration of states and regions in Europe. This term most frequently covers integration into the European Union (EU). However, the important processes on this road are those of adopting the norms and standards of the Council of Europe, Organization for European Security and Cooperation, and other international organizations and regional initiatives.

EU accession involves accepting the rights and obligations the EU is based on, as well as its institutional framework and legal system (acquis). Accession negotiations represent the adaptation and harmonization of the national legal system with the EU acquis. Negotiations are on the schedule of harmonization and potential transitional arrangements that provide the harmonization of legislation prior to membership. The content of the acquis and the institutional framework are not subject to negotiation. Instead, the new member state must accept them at the moment of accession to membership.

The acquis has been divided into 35 chapters for the purposes of accession negotiations. Negotiations on behalf of the Republic of Serbia are being run by the Government, having established the relevant structure and defined the required procedures for running the accession negotiations.

Overview of the status of chapters relevant for social inclusion:

Chapter > Status  ˅ 11 18 19 22 23 26
Screening started 18 March 2014 20 May 2014 10 February 2014 01 October 2014 25 September 2013 20 February 2014
Screening complete 16 September 2014 26 November 2014 26 June 2014 29 January 2015 10 December 2013 04 April 2014
Screening report 24 February 2015 18 January 2016 23 October 2015 15 May 2014 16 February 2015
Chapter opened 10 December 2018 18 July 2016 27 February 2017
Chapter temporarily closed 27 February 2017


  • European Commission report for 2018 and 2019 – comparative overview of chapters of relevance for social inclusion.

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